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  1. Dwarka Lakhan
    Helping spouses stay on the same financial page
  2. IE Staff
    The top expenses that couples face, from casual dating to the wedding day, and how advisors can help
  3. Dwarka Lakhan
    Some conventionally held beliefs can harm your clients
  4. Dwarka Lakhan
    The discovery process never ends as changes occur in clients’ lives
  5. Dwarka Lakhan
    Debt, taxes and potential long-term care expenses must be managed
  6. Dwarka Lakhan
    Help your clients avoid these common pitfalls
  7. John Poyser
    John Poyser, partner, Tradition Law LLP, Estates and Trusts, explains four steps you must take to protect your client and your practice if you suspect a wealthy, older client is vulnerable to financial abuse.
  8. Moira Somers
    Moira Somers, a clinical neuropsychologist, professor, and financial recovery expert based in Winnipeg, explains practical techniques for bringing clients back to their best and clearest thinking. She spoke at the CFP Professional Symposium in Toronto.
  9. Special Feature

    Rethinking Retirement

    IE Staff
    Longer lives are transforming financial advice. A special feature from the Mid-November 2015 issue of Investment Executive
  10. Jade Hemeon
    Darren Coleman, senior vice president and portfolio manager at Coleman Wealth/ Raymond James, discusses the challenges of investing in retirement and the need for clients to hold stocks.