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  1. Rick Annaert
    Longer lives and lower interest rates are creating new challenges for advisors and their clients, and require careful financial planning
  2. Jamie Golombek
    Jamie Golombek, managing director of tax and estate planning at CIBC Wealth Advisory Services, reviews some of his major yearend tax planning tips.
  3. IE Staff
    A special feature from the Mid-November 2014 issue of Investment Executive, plus two web-exclusive articles and a video.
  4. Jade Hemeon
    Peter Drake, senior vice president of retirement and economic research at Fidelity Investments Canada, discusses the changing face of retirement and how longer lives and lower interest rates are creating challenges for investors.
  5. Andrew Allentuck
    There are a plethora of fixed-income ETFs, ranging from index trackers to more specialized products, that offer benefits such as liquidity and low management fees for clients
  6. David Israelson
    The assumption that a retired client should withdraw 4% from his or her portfolio annually is losing credibility among advisors and economists
  7. Rudy Mezzetta
    U.S. expatriation is on the rise, but remains a complex and difficult process. Terry Ritchie, director of cross-border wealth services with Cardinal Point Wealth Management in Toronto, discusses the ins and outs of relinquishing U.S. citizenship.
  8. Fiona Collie
    Once an estate plan is finalized, it’s critical to ensure the right person – or team of people – is appointed to execute it, especially when family tension exists
  9. Fiona Collie
    Tom Junkin, senior vice president, personal trust services, Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada discusses the top three issues advisors need to raise when planning for clients with blended families.
  10. Fiona Collie
    When working with blended families, advisors have the difficult task of helping clients ensure their estate plan accounts for their children, stepchildren and spouse — as fairly as possible