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  1. Rudy Mezzetta
    This type of trust can be especially useful for clients with blended families
  2. Rudy Mezzetta
    For clients 65 and older, these living trusts can provide a number of important advantages
  3. Rudy Mezzetta
    Despite changes to the tax treatment of testamentary trusts, experts say they still have benefits
  4. Special Feature

    Trust-worthy planning

    Rudy Mezzetta
    A web-exclusive series on trusts
  5. Wilmot George
    A review of the key types of trusts and how they are used in financial planning
  6. Tessie Sanci
    Help clients build and maintain a good credit rating
  7. Tessie Sanci
    Helping your clients make the right choices can deepen relationships
  8. Rudy Mezzetta
    Establishing a charitable foundation can allow clients to involve their families in their philanthropic goals, and teach their children a sense of responsibility
  9. Mezzetta Rudy
    The Income Tax Act recognizes four charitable purposes
  10. Rudy Mezzetta
    Clients can benefit from greater tax-planning flexibility under legislation proposed in the 2014 federal budget