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Dustin Reid is vice-president, investment management with the fixed income team at Mackenzie Investments. He also serves as the company’s chief fixed income strategist. Reid helps determine macro positioning by providing views on central banks, monetary and fiscal policy, macroeconomic data, inflation, sovereign debt dynamics, and geopolitics. He has been working in the investment industry since 1997. Prior to joining Mackenzie in 2018, he held a Chief Market Strategist position and other advisory roles at several US-based firms. His Canadian experience includes senior roles in quantitative research and trading roles in the financial services sector. Dustin has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McGill University and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

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Welcome to Soundbites – weekly insights on market trends, and investment strategies, brought to you by Investment Executive, and powered by Canada Life. For today’s soundbites, we discuss Canadian fixed income with Dustin Reid, vice president of investment management at Mackenzie Investments. We talked about yields, the impact of recent Bank of Canada announcements, and […]

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