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It's receiving support from both Democrats and Republicans

As longer-term interest rates continue to rise, the rating agency expects to see revenue generated from mortgage banking to decline

Federal reserve building, Washington DC

The U.S. central bank now foresees four rate hikes this year, up from the three it had previously forecast

An increase in mergers and acquisitions would be credit negative for the sector

Wall Street Bull bronze sculpture in the Financial District in Manhattan

Major banks generated increases in their fixed-income, equity and investment bank earnings

Typical yellow taxi in Manhattan street, New York city.

Three states rush to defend regulations that require retirement investment advisors to put the interests of their clients above their own financial gain

Washington DC skyline with Monument Capitol and Abraham Lincoln memorial

The U.S. regulator has also proposed introducing a mandatory new disclosure document that sets out the terms of advisory relationships

Federal Reserve building in Washington DC, US. Close up of a top part of the building with eagle statue.

The U.S. Federal Reserve foresees two more hikes this year

The 0.1% gain followed a sharper 0.4% increase in November

U.S. regulators propose new risk management guidance for banks