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Would the Americans be willing to ease up on their NAFTA demands if Canada were to back off on its WTO complaint?

Rideau Canal skating rink, Parliament of Canada in winter

Canada, buoyed by a stronger-than-expected economy, faces uncertainty around trade and competitiveness

Trudeau, sanctioned over his 2016 vacation, was hardly the first prime minister to run afoul of ethical standards

Finding enough support in Congress to eliminate a program that has benefited significant numbers of Americans is next to impossible

The federal finance minister credits the government’s economic agenda for the economy’s super-charged performance over the last year

The improvement is attributed to an overall boost in the fiscal outlook, which comes after the Canadian economy mounted a surprise resurgence

The prime minister's trip to China did not go well in many ways. But the Liberals are maintaining their strong position with voters

The spring budget is expected to emphasize helping women, preparing workers and using science to grow the economy

The goal of the Advisory Council on Economic Growth is to help households add an extra $15,000 to their projected annual pre-tax incomes by 2030

Canada could be facing significant “tax gap,” report finds

The figures don’t account for any changes small business owners may take to avoid paying more taxes