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parliament hill

$16.5 billion in federal spending April through November is on public debt charge alone

Canadian Parliament Building at Dusk

Officials told MPs that any amendments to Bill C-208 would not be retroactive

Canadian Parliament Building at Dusk

The return to Parliament on Sept. 21 won’t be easy for the minority government after yet another ethics scandal

Canadian Parliament Building at Dusk

Speculation about Carney's interest in politics has followed him since his time as Canada's top banker

Trudeau managed to get elected advocating a carbon tax - after buying an oil pipeline

If we can get past Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s blackface picture, Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s photoshopped coffee cup and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s embellished resumé, let’s take stock of the first half of the federal election campaign and what’s at stake for Canada. On Sept. 11, the Liberals and Conservatives went into this election […]

Parliament buildings on a sunny day

Andrew Scheer may lead the federal Conservatives, but Jason Kenney and Doug Ford have set the narrative for the October federal election

Parliament buildings on a sunny day

The Liberals want voters to keep thinking about the budget — and not the SNC-Lavalin scandal

Interior view of the Canada Commons of Parliament

The SNC-Lavalin affair deserves a royal commission, but not for the reason most people would expect

Mountain Range in British Columbia`

Ottawa and the provinces must deal with Indigenous peoples and investors in an open-handed way