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Federal Reserve building in Washington DC, US. Close up of a top part of the building with eagle statue.

Stubbornness of high inflation divides Federal Reserve on managing interest rates

Federal reserve building, Washington DC

Rhys Mendes will become Bank of Canada deputy governor in July while Biden has made two Federal Reserve nominations

Inflation graphic

Consumer prices rose by 0.4% from March to April, up by 4.9% from April 2022.

Interest rate graphic

The Fed describes the banking system as 'sound and resilient' but notes the impact of a pullback in bank lending remains uncertain

GDP Word Written In Wooden Cube reflection on black mirrow with money stack as graph in background stock photo

Slowdown reflects impact of Federal Reserve's aggressive drive to tame inflation

Direction of stock market.opportunity time.buy and sell.change for chance.positive thinking

Plunging energy prices pulled the producer price index down 0.5%

Help clients ride out the storm with well-structured portfolios

Federal Hall with Washington Statue on the front, wall street, Manhattan, New York City

Potential changes include greater capital requirements and more aggressive regulatory supervision

United States Capitol, Washington DC

Barr anticipates higher capital, liquidity standards needed for American banks with more than $100B

United States Federal Reserve System symbol

Official nonetheless pledged that the Federal Reserve and other agencies would take whatever steps deemed necessary to protect the banking system