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Survey data indicate that DIY investors are a potential source of clients for insurance advisors

Survey suggests more women than men are confused by financial jargon, and women tend to avoid investment risk

Many recent immigrants have preferences for certain goals, such as education and a home. And while they can quickly become major clients, they also vet recommendations more often

Trustworthiness and honesty are issues for the majority of younger demographic

And less than half of Canadian investors say their advisor is trustworthy and honest

High-income individuals and their advisors also prefer mutual funds to stocks, seg funds or ETFs

Other financial priorities make contributing to these accounts difficult for some clients

Research found that there's lots of room for advisors to grow their business among high net-worth consumers

Few older Canadians contribute to RESPs, but they are gaining the attention of this group as a way to help grandchildren

TC Media/Credo survey shows that life insurance is less popular with certain groups