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Building under construction

All levels of government must work together to reduce barriers to building more homes, deputy governor said

Digital currency

Bank of Canada survey suggest top concerns are privacy and low levels of trust in institutions to protect personal data

Wrestling inflation

Bank of Canada governor makes remarks day after new inflation numbers show Canada's inflation rate fell to 3.1% in October

More adjustment to come as previous rate hikes filter through the economy, Bank of Canada senior deputy governor says

Arrow cube

Members said it's more likely than not that interest rates will need to go higher to get inflation back to target levels

Bank of Canada headquarters

Bank of Canada governor says different strategies by Bank of Canada and government of Canada are making it harder to bring inflation down

Boardroom talk

Governors held key interest rate steady last month, but signalled they haven't closed the door to more rate hikes if needed

Interest rate uncertain

Recovery will pick up steam in the second half of 2024, the company forecast


Governing council said holding rates steady was the right decision for now, but worried about misinterpretation

piggy bank with flag of Canada

Deputy governor weighed in on the numbers during a speech in Regina on Tuesday