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Tiff Macklem

Forecasters widely expect the Bank of Canada to lower its policy rate in June or July

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Some members thought bank should take its time; others were concerned about keeping interest rates high for too long

Tiff Macklem

Economists expect Canada to begin cutting interest rates before the U.S.

Tiff Macklem

Data this year have increased central bank’s confidence that inflation will continue to slow

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Affordability, cost of living still weighing on buyers, even as rate cuts appear imminent

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Deputy governor Toni Gravelle gave a speech Thursday on the central bank's balance sheet plans

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According to summary of most recent deliberations, governing council is split on the timing

Dustin Reid of Mackenzie Investments says uncertainty destroys consumers and business confidence

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Many forecasters anticipate the first rate cut to come midyear

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Statistics Canada reports increase in GDP by an annualized rate of 1%, beating expectations