Investment Executive (IE) will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019, and I have been a part of this organization for 24 years; for the past five, I was honoured to serve as group publisher. Now, I’m entering a new chapter in my life, and it’s time to step back and let someone else take the reins.

Although working at the same place for 24 years is rare these days, so much has changed during that time it feels as if I’ve worked for several companies, or even in a different industry altogether.

Ozy Camacho, Group Publisher, Investment & Advisor Groups
Ozy Camacho

Thus, I take with me many memories: the growth of the mutual fund industry to more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management from around $25 billion in the mid-1990s; the launch of new products, such as ETFs; the bursting of the tech bubble in 2000; the global financial crisis in late 2008; and the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape, among many others.

Throughout all this, the media industry in general, and IE specifically, have gone through many changes as well during these 24 years. In IE‘s case, we went from one product, the newspaper, to various media, including websites, a mobile app and social media to distribute our coverage. In turn, we also have had to navigate the regulatory and other challenges that went along with these new technologies.

Although I will no longer serve in the role as leader of this group, rest assured that I will remain as a special projects consultant for the foreseeable future.

In closing, I want to thank our readers and advertisers for the support you have shown me during the past 24 years. And I’m forever in debt to our staff: the journalists and editors for their expertise and dedication over the years, as well as our sales and support staff, who all made my job a lot easier. I know they will continue to be there for you in the years ahead.

Ozy Camacho
Group Publisher, Investment & Advisor Groups