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Mid-November 2021


Little action has been taken since previous review in 2016

Move sparks discussion about captive model and compensation

Amid “lightning fast” industry transformation, Laura Paglia looks to deal with issues such as technology, regulation and ESG

CSA proposal could lead to more pump-and-dump schemes

Building Your Business

Decisions on when to collect CPP benefits and to convert RRSPs can have a profound effect on clients' retirement income

More clients could benefit from TFSAs' ability to provide tax-free income in retirement

Managing longevity risk while providing steady income poses a challenge

Christine Timms discusses common retirement challenges and some of the steps for creating a succession plan

Financial advisors can help remove the burden for beneficiaries and executors by helping retirees organize ahead of time

Elderly clients can take steps to help themselves enjoy longer, healthier lives

Two financial advisors suggest portfolios that provide income, tax efficiency and inflation protection for a hypothetical senior client

Focus on Products

Including a large cash buffer can keep portfolios nimble

Comment & Insight

Denis Coderre’s “Rocky”-style comeback attempt fails to unseat the incumbent

Editorial: Now is the regulators’ chance to fix it