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Mid-November 2018


Mutual funds sales slump reflects investors’ risk-averse mentality

A divided industry awaits SCC ruling on national regulator

Fiera/Canoe deal could be the beginning of a broader relationship

Banks and asset-management firms in this country are failing to keep pace with their global counterparts

Top Under 40 Award winner's dedication to underserved communities is a reflection of where the industry is heading

Building Your Business

Many clients are choosing to retire to other countries - lured by a comfortable climate and scenic views or a desire to return to their…

Whether your client's idea of travel is an around-the-world cruise, an annual trek through Europe or an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, each type of trip has…

For some clients - such as young people just beginning their careers and some business owners - other options may be preferable

The best time to discuss potential medical costs in retirement is when clients are in their 40s or 50s

As real estate prices rise, clients should not be counting on these assets to fund their retirement

Entrepreneurs often lack regular paycheques, employee benefits and time to work on their retirement plans

In the short term, self-employed and business-owner clients probably will feel the negative effects of the CPP's expansion. In the longer term, the changes will result…

Although a few insurance companies are leaving the annuities business, the income-producing vehicles may be a good fit for clients who want to avoid investment…

There are various matters to consider - including updating beneficiary and executor designations - when discussing wills with your clients to ensure a smooth transfer…

Several options exist to make computers more accessible for your retired clients, including easy-to-read keyboards and computers designed for the elderly

Focus on Products

Emerging-market funds' portfolio managers are optimistic about these markets' long-term growth potential

Standard portfolio construction falters because the same tool is used to address two fundamentally different problems

Comment & Insight

With trade deals revised, the U.S. looks determined to remake the world’s trading system to isolate China