April 2008

Special Feature

But reinsurer Munich Re is set to introduce benchmark definitions to provide more consistency in the market

Many clients do buy CI insurance when advisors carefully lay out the real-life risks

Awareness of the risks can help inform decisions about obtaining CI

Having money at the right time can make a very difficult period much more bearable

Reinsurance companies suggest there may be more flexibility in payouts and premiums down the road

Although banks are leading the way, life insurance companies are making new gains

Comment & Insight

Paddling to a water access cottage is probably not a good idea

The new royalty rate proposals are having unintended consequences for Alberta’s economy

Benefits of the RBC takeover to PH&N clients are theoretical and prospective

There’s a snapshot on my bulletin board of my youngest daughter, Rachel, just after she turned 11. Her long blond hair unbrushed after a day…

Hundreds of men will soon climb out of their boats off the northeast coast of Newfoundland and gingerly alight onto the heaving pack ice that…

But the federal government is dithering on taking true action on climate change

Incentives matter when it comes to shaping both individual and corporate behaviour. Financial services firms — and their regulators — must absorb this truism and…

It has been a difficult and challenging time for investors. And to make matters worse, they are now confronted with different and conflicting views on…

Investment research

Although U.S. households are seeing a destruction of wealth as home prices tumble, Canadian households are in good shape financially. This bodes well for continued…

Despite the comfort that some sectors offer, balance is always better

Old-fashioned investment ratios will gain greater prominence in determining worthy investments

The price of oil has skyrocketed as it becomes a hedge against the falling U.S. dollar

Major players in Japan and Europe present interesting investment opportunities in this logistics subsector

Bond funds can outperform other safe harbours, but care is needed

Consistent, positive growth and democratic stability are now the norm in the traditionally risky region

Focus on Products

Natural gas prices have rebounded, but there’s concern that record-high oil price increases ae not here to stay

But initiatives need to be harmonized to be effective

Already a problem in the U.S., it could cross the border at some point

Global resources fund manager says some of lesser-known names have potential to become giants

But this may be offset by juicier payouts

But a few equity funds make it on to the top 25 list

McLean Budden American Equity Fund and Dynamic American Value Fund favour large-cap stocks

Three new funds from TempletonToronto-based Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. has introduced three new corporate class funds, which allow investors to switch among funds while deferring…

There’s lots of choice among Canadian funds

Building Your Business

Get to know people at weddings and parties, but don’t talk business

No one wants to think the unthinkable when planning a trip abroad. But your boomer and snowbird clients should face the possibility that they could…

Like many people, Darren James thought a company’s brand consisted of little more than a logo and a tag line.Nike Inc., for example, evokes images…

Ian Cummings, an advisor with Investment Planning Counsel, has built a business model in which he outsources everything but his advice.“An advisor has the choice…

Eliminate clutter, set a schedule and prioritize tasks

As a financial advisor, you should have a brand that reflects what clients can expect from you

Most advisors know it is a key to success, but don’t know how to make the transition

Phishers are particularly attracted to the Web sites of financial services companies

There’s often a significant downside to undocumented services

Setting up testamentary trusts for young children, appointing trustees and guardians are important steps

Before clients leave Canada, they’ll need to ensure that wills and powers of attorney are up to date.> WILLS. Of course, your client already has…

Tools show how stocks outperform bonds and GICs over the long term

Advisors can benefit from detailed advice on when and how to recruit

Vitamin D, naturally produced through exposure to the sun, is being hailed for its multiple benefits

Ian Cummings has outsourced his administrative functions so he can concentrate on doing what he does best

All firms need a plan to get through events such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, terrorist attack or other catastrophe

A well-executed communication plan means clients aren’t ruffled by short-term market volatility


Financial services firms will find adhering to Canada’s new anti-money-laundering regulations expensive

But, on a positive note, domestic retail banking continues to be a pillar of strength

Empire Life’s new CEO, Les Herr, prefers the slow but steady approach

Moses Znaimer sets out to the serve the new “zoomer” culture

The global credit crunch and the resulting poor performance of equities played havoc with financial services firms’ bottom lines in the final quarter of 2007.…

Success builds on success as financial services firms expand and support services

Financial institutions could face more class actions from non-management employees

Suit alleges policyholder funds wrongly used for 1997 London Life purchase

Canadian policymakers should work harder to harmonize their rules with other regions

Money market and long-term funds sell

But the former Montreal advisors intend to file a counterclaim for wrongful dismissal and damage to their reputations

New entity will be, by far, the largest credit union in Alberta

Their highly leveraged operations are not inspiring much confidence among analysts and investors

CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada and TD Bank get a piece of the action

As costs for conventional energy soar, markets for new power sources are growing

Negotiated settlements have garnered some $12 million that could make its way to unitholders

Too many firms rely on boilerplate disclosure of information that could affect investors’ decisions, report says

Built “for advisors, by advisors,” Laurier Capital Planning hopes to attract mid-tier producers

The industry and investor advocates are displeased with the IDA’s proposal, which means it may have finally struck the right balance

Despite earlier promises of further tax cuts, this year’s budget was one of “prudence and discipline”

Although the proposal promises sweeping changes, a couple of the industry’s major complaints have not been addressed

Declining assets have made the income trust-based fund unprofitable

Communication and co-operation between Ontario and British Columbia securities regulators and their counterparts in Britain have led to unusual success in a recent stock swindle…

B.C. victims are launching a class-action suit in an effort to recover funds lost in these scams, which are plaguing investors

There are also lots of other changes that could help curb the Tax Department’s appetite

The challenge for advisors is to educate investors on how to use the tax-free savings accounts

Some say the crisis will require U.S. government intervention

Securing protection from creditors gives the Crawford committee more time to develop a rescue plan