Mackenzie Financial Corp. today announced the launch of series T shares, which provide investors with regular, tax-efficient cash flow, on a wide variety of its Capital Class funds.

Series T shares provide regular monthly payments in the form of return of capital, which is tax-deferred. The Capital Class structure enables investors to switch between Capital Class funds, and between different series, without triggering capital gains.

“The combination of these features on one investment platform provides investors with tremendous flexibility,” says David Feather, president of Mackenzie Financial Services Inc. “Capital Class investors have always enjoyed the ability to rebalance their portfolios on a tax-deferred basis. Now, with series T, the transition from investing for growth to investing for income is tax-deferred as well.”

Series T shares give investors the flexibility to tailor their income to their personal circumstances. Investors can choose between a 6% annualized distribution (series T6) and an 8% annualized distribution (series T8), and can create any level of income up to 8% by combining an investment in series T shares with an investment in other series of Capital Class funds.