Mississauga, Ont.-based Excel Funds Management Inc. has launched series D units for five of its mutual funds at a reduced cost to Canadians who invest through discount brokerages.

“Do-it-yourself investors make up a large part of our core business,” says Bhim D. Asdhir, president and CEO of Excel Funds, in a statement. “They will now have access to some of our top-rated products at a much better price point, and we look forward to catering to this segment of the market a lot more in the future.”

The five mutual funds available through various discount brokerages include:

> Excel India Fund, which is Excel Funds’ flagship product and one of the largest India-focused mutual funds in Canada.

> Excel High Income Fund, which invests in high-quality emerging-market bonds and currencies.

> Excel Emerging Markets Fund, which is run by Christine Tan, a top-quartile portfolio manager and Excel Investment Counsel Inc.’s chief investment officer.

> Excel Latin America Fund, which invests in equities of companies located in, or benefiting from, Latin American markets.

> Excel EM Blue Chip Balanced Fund, which invests in a diversified mix of emerging-markets equities and income mutual funds.