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With Winnipeg-based Investors Group now under new branding as IG Wealth Management, the company on Tuesday announced the launch of the IG Living Plan, a holistic approach to financial planning.

The IG Living Plan offers a “single, integrated view of all aspects of a client’s finances including retirement and estate planning, investments and tax strategies, creating a truly synchronized and comprehensive plan,” the company says in a news release.

This approach to financial planning will leverage IG’s 2,100 consultant practices, the company says, among which is the largest number of certified financial planners of any firm in Canada.

IG says its Living Plan addresses a number of variables that can determine outcomes for clients, including the selection of individual funds, overall exposure to the market, and outside factors including savings rate, tax strategies, retirement and estate planning.

“IG Wealth Management has a huge opportunity as Canadians have $4.1 trillion in financial wealth, with growing segments in mass market, mass affluent and high net-worth,” says Jeff Carney, president and CEO, in a statement. “The IG Living Plan will enable the company to better address the needs of Canadians, including those with more than $1 million in assets, who hold 70% of household wealth and account for 21% of IG assets under management.”

“Retirement is no longer a static or straight line. Clients need a proactive advisor and a plan that’s flexible, like the IG Living Plan, to properly explore the choices now available to them,” says Doug Milne, chief marketing officer, in a statement.

Other recent changes IG has undertaken include eliminating deferred sales charge commissions, and introducing additional pricing options to ensure a competitive offering.