Charlemagne Capital is now operating under the Fiera Capital brand name, Montreal-based Fiera Capital Corp. announced Monday

The name change is intended to finalize Charlemagne’s integration with the Fiera team. As it stands, Charlemagne forms the basis of Fiera’s European division, headquartered in London, U.K.

“Since the acquisition of Charlemagne in December 2016, both firms have integrated their activities very successfully,” says Vincent Duhamel, global president and chief operation officer, Fiera, in a statement.

“Charlemagne’s emerging and frontier market strategies add to our strong global offering in equities, benefitting our clients who always looking for diversification opportunities.

As a result of the acquisition, assets under management (AUM) for Charlemagne Capital have increased by 34% to US$3 billion and Fiera Capital assets now stand at US$100 billion, the firm says in a news release.

Fiera also announced the launch of Fiera Capital Global Equity Fund and Fiera Capital US Equity Fund. Both strategies have had strong alpha generation since inception in 2009 and the AUM within these strategies is US$20 billion, Fiera says.

The funds will be launched as part of the Magna Umbrella Funds plc, Fiera’s Irish domiciled UCITS funds. The strategies will focus on high-quality companies with steady performance. Fiera will be launching further strategies within the UCITS platform as it introduces more of its North American strategies to the European market.