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How does someone plan to live their best life?

This series of case studies looks into the lives of four people and couples* who turned to Manulife Bank lending solutions to leverage their assets in order to realize their dreams.


Wealth decumulation into retirement


Wealth preservation with an eye to the future


How high-net-worth clients can leverage insurance to enhance cash flow


Lending solutions in annual financial planning

* Sample cases for illustration purposes only

Wealth decumulation into retirement

Preparing clients for their first step into retirement

Manulife Bank solutions and strategies can help your clients use the assets they’ve accumulated over the course of their lives to fund their best lives later on — in this case, transitioning into a confident pre-retirement.

Meet Martha Wave to Martha

Single, divorced
HR executive
$100,000 annum

Martha* is a single empty nester who has built a satisfying career for herself as an HR professional with a large organization.

She’s looking to officially retire at 65, but today, at age 60, she’d like to ease herself into a four-day workweek so that she can spend more time with her grandkids.

What Martha’s looking for is a five-year plan that may allow her to supplement her income while still working part-time – with a longer-term goal of improving her cash flow once she retires.

Single, divorced
HR executive
$100,000 annum

Martha's reality Martha's Reality

Like many Canadians not far from retirement, Martha does not have a fully fledged plan in place. Fortunately, her accumulated assets to date can help her overcome her concerns.



of non-retirees are not currently prepared for retirement1


not-yet-retired Canadians worry they’ll outlive their savings2


of retirees admit they weren’t prepared for retirement1


of retired Canadians worry they’ll outlive their savings2

Martha's assets Martha's Assets

Martha has been extremely diligent in managing her finances, especially since her divorce. Her home is fully paid for, and she has invested wisely. Contributions to her Whole Life policy have always been a priority.

Real estate

Real estate



Mortgage paid off last year





Sizable portfolio in Registered Accounts / $100K in non-registered investments

Life insurance

Life insurance

Cash Value


Whole Life insurance policy

Martha's options Martha's options

What Martha is looking for is a source of additional income to help fund her pre-retirement while ultimately creating a retirement income. She has a lot to think about. Based on her assets and goal, Martha discussed the following Wealth Decumulation strategies with her Manulife Bank advisor.

Martha's strategy

Martha's strategy

An Insurance Line of Credit | Whole life cash surrender value (CSV)

Martha keeps
her policy

Martha can access her whole life insurance policy’s cash surrender value without surrendering the policy itself. And because no withdrawal is actually being made from the policy, no taxes are triggered.**

cash flow

No minimum monthly payments are required, so interest charges are simply added to the line of credit amount. This is good news for Martha’s cash flow, as she doesn’t have to make regular monthly payments.

In time, Martha can introduce her registered assets into the mix to further supplement her retirement income.

Martha's strategy - at a glance

Martha's best life is ahead

Long weekends for Martha

For Martha, every weekend for the next five years of her working life could be a long weekend.

She spends at least one full day a week with her grandkids and enjoys long-overdue “me time” cycling and finally taking fashion design courses.

By dipping her toe into the water of what retirement life could feel like, Martha feels confident about the many years ahead of her beyond her five-year plan.

Manulife Bank has the solutions and strategies in place to help Canadians live their best lives, whatever they might be.

Insurance Lending

  • Insured Retirement Program (IRP)
  • CSV Line of Credit
  • Immediate Financing Arrangement (IFA)

Investment Lending

  • Investment Lines of Credit (ALOCs)
  • Investment Loans
  • RRSP Loans

Commercial Lending

  • Business Acquisition Loan (BAL)
  • Manulife One for Business
  • Commercial Amortizing Mortgage (CAM)


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