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A closer look at 12 advisors

Investment Executive takes a look back at 12 financial advisors and how they help their clients.

November 26, 2015

Socially responsible advisor

Ryan Colwell, an advisor in Georgetown, Ont., thought he was headed for a career in the arts when he took a job at a financial advisory practice out of necessity. Now, he serves a roster of clients and specializes in SRI funds

  • November 27, 2015 November 9, 2019
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Helping older, vulnerable clients

Ron Harvey has developed a sensitivity toward the financial concerns of his elderly clients. He regards his role as one of reassurance. "I become their 'Linus' blanket," he says. "My job is to keep them comfortable"

  • November 6, 2015 November 9, 2019
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A focus on pensions

Even before Albert Ashley became a financial advisor, he was acutely aware of the importance of pensions. And this advisor with Mennonite Savings and Credit Union soon will put his own retirement plan to the test

  • October 25, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

Discipline of a dancer

Coreen Sol offers discretionary portfolio management to her roster of middle-market clients. Running a quartet of managed portfolios enables Sol to serve a large book of business without imposing investment minimums

  • August 23, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

Keeping on the sunny side of life

When Peter Letkeman, formerly a professor of chemistry at Brandon University, lost his sight, he remained positive. He took steps to become a financial advisor and turned former colleagues into clients

  • July 26, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

ETFs and the fee-based advisor

Andrew Pyle uses ETFs to achieve flexibility and transparency for clients' portfolios

  • April 27, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

Advising the advisors

Marilyn deRooy-Pearson works with financial advisors and their business-owner clients to help them through the tax, succession, estate and financial planning challenges that are unique to that market

  • April 24, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

Keep in touch and keep it real

Glen Rankin believes in client contact, honesty and hard work. Since he began selling insurance at the age of 19, Rankin has known the value of continuing education for himself - and the importance of educating his clients about markets

  • March 26, 2015 November 9, 2019
  • 23:00

Caring for clients as they age

Longtime financial advisor Denis Beaulieu says that helping retired clients includes persuading them to spend as well as save. Dealing with cognitive decline among some clients also is a growing issue, he says

  • March 1, 2015 November 9, 2019
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A practice created for seniors

Nathan Kupusa has built a firm dedicated to guiding seniors through their financial decisions and other aspects of their lives. Solutions for Aging provides advanced wealth planning as well as a range of lifestyle planning services

  • February 15, 2015 November 6, 2019
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