Latest news in Client Communications

Choosing the right client gift

Give them something that strikes an emotional chord

Is your communication program up to snuff?

Is your communication program up to snuff?

Yearend is a good time to review your strategy and ensure your messages are resonating with clients

Three holiday client-contact strategies

There’s lots you can do to strengthen your bond with your clients

High-income men more likely to be emotional investors

Guiding clients through periods of market volatility

You have to make an effort to broach underlying anxieties your clients may have in order to help them stay the course

Insurance industry must step up succession planning efforts

The “succession” conversation

Once you have mapped out your exit plan, how and when you inform your clients is critical

Telling stories to win clients

Telling stories to win clients

Relating experiences about yourself, your values and other clients can help you build trust

Events your clients will appreciate

From fine dining to paintball, make your event suit your clients’ tastes

CSA launches consultation on banning embedded commissions

When should you part ways with a client?

You and a client may find your needs are no longer aligned

Treat your clients to family-friendly events

A popular kids’ movie or a trip to a museum can help show your clients you appreciate their business

Casual Friday: Should you discuss politics with clients?

The rules of etiquette say no. But if a client brings up political issues, steer the conversation toward finance

Become an effective speaker

Improve your speaking skills

A presentation is an opportunity for you to position yourself as an authority on a given subject

Become an effective speaker

Become an effective speaker

Avoid these common mistakes and deliver your message with confidence

Are you emotionally intelligent?

Understanding your clients’ emotions can make you a more effective advisor and give you a competitive edge

Casual Friday: Client event etiquette

Casual Friday: Client event etiquette

Navigating the social conventions of your clients can be challenging. You must do your homework and, when in doubt, follow your client’s lead

Managing long-distance relationships

While a growing number of clients retain multiple homes, there are many ways to stay in touch

Note-taking tips

Recording and documenting conversations with clients helps to ensure you understand each other

Educate your clients with “explainer” videos

Educate your clients with “explainer” videos

They’re short, to-the-point and effective — if you start with a great script

Choose gifts that resonate with your clients

When you achieve a certain level of trust, clients become more willing to tell you what’s going on in their lives

A new level of client gift-giving

A bank’s campaign demonstrates the importance of knowing your clients

Brighten your presentations with infographics

In practice: Making use of infographics

Charts, graphs and other visuals can help your clients put financial data into perspective

Brighten your presentations with infographics

Brighten your presentations with infographics

Work closely with your designer to ensure the visuals communicate effectively with your clients

Setting client expectations

Defining the terms of your relationship creates a tone of professionalism

Maintaining trust

A pattern of inaction can undermine client relationships

Advice needed on retirement income strategies, report finds

Make discovery an ongoing process

Go beyond “know your client” and find out as much as you can about your clients

When should you fire a client?

An antagonistic relationship can be draining, both financially and emotionally