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Rana Lee, wealth advisor and portfolio manager, of Ternion Wealth Management, at NBFWM
Rana Lee, Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, of Ternion Wealth Management, at NBFWM

With an incredible support system, National Bank Financial – Wealth Management (NBFWM) is the kind of firm that helps advisors through all aspects of their careers. As a wealth advisor and portfolio manager, Rana Lee of Ternion Wealth Management, at NBFWM, was looking for a brokerage that shared her vision, and would help her attain her career goals without sacrificing her time with family. She explains why she made the transition to NBFWM in 2019.

Q: Why did you decide NBFWM was the perfect fit?

Rana Lee: NBFWM provided the support we were looking for in our succession planning. The management team showed confidence and embraced our plans. It came down to the way they thought about the future and possibilities, and their views were very progressive.

When I look back three years ago, the change has been dramatic. Now, I’m the lead advisor and I’ve taken on a full book of clients. I run the entire business solely on my own—of course, with the support of my associate.

Q. What was your onboarding experience like?

RL: The idea of transitioning an entire book of clients is daunting. But NBFWM provided the necessary resources and staff that were entirely dedicated to just us. They worked hand in hand with us for a year, night and day for the first couple of months and until every last account transferred over. Then, that same onboarding team continued to support us as long as we needed. They streamlined the process, and tried to make it simple and efficient.

Q. How does NBFWM differ from where you worked before? 

RL: The culture is a standout. Everyone is vibrant, passionate, and open, and looking for ways to connect with one another. The corporate structure is flat. You feel like there’s no hierarchy. You could approach upper management and receive the same level of support and genuine interest. They’ll make time to listen to you. They’ll reach out to you. They’ll check in on you. And they’ll say, “If you’re not finding the support you’re looking for from me, everyone is accessible to you.”

Another big difference is technology. All the advisors and associates are set up to be mobile and work remotely from the get-go. At my other firm, it was quite a process to get remote access, and it was only available to advisors. So NBFWM was ahead in their technology. When COVID hit, it was instantaneous. We were able to adjust seamlessly.

We also have a best practices team that connects with you to help find efficiencies. We have a dedicated marketing department that assisted me with my branding and marketing ideas. They are a great support to have, especially as I took over the business and looked to develop my own identity.  

Q: Why the name Ternion Wealth Management? 

RL: I wanted to establish a brand that captured what our business is about. The definition of ternion is a set or group of three, which is represented by the three pillars of our wealth management business. Our first pillar is discretionary portfolio management. We manage Canadian portfolios, a U.S. international portfolio, and a Canadian fixed income portfolio. Our second pillar is wealth planning, where we do a deep discovery and lay out a financial road map through a plan, considering some risk management, tax efficiencies, and estate planning. Our third pillar—the most important—is trusted relationships, which are built through consistency, integrity, and results. 

Q: How would you describe how NBFWM supports female advisors? 

RL: It’s phenomenal. They’ve advocated for me, supported me, and been there for me from day one. Annually, there’s a women’s symposium that’s held by the firm for all the advisors across the country. We come together to share experiences and connect with one another, learn, and network. You feel respected, valued, and important.

Q: What would you say to other advisors looking for a change?

RL: If you’re looking for a chance to be creative and more entrepreneurial, look for a firm that embraces that. We were fortunate to take that leap of faith with NBFWM. The trust and partnership that was built is so rewarding.

And, as women, we want to ensure everything’s taken care of, as we’re stretched in multiple ways. I’ve got a teenager at home, so it was about finding a firm that would support me in all aspects. What I realized through all of this is, we were built for this. It can feel like an overwhelming task to change firms. But once you go for it, everything falls into place and you realize this was the best change for you, your clients, and your business.

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