Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) recognizes that CDIC member institutions, brokers and other financial advisors are an important source of information for Canadians. This webinar will provide information about deposit coverage requirements.

It will focus on the following key areas:
• How CDIC’s coverage rules for trusts apply to deposits made by brokers
• What disclosure is required to ensure clients deposits are protected by CDIC
• How CDIC aggregates eligible deposits in a failure

In this webinar replay, watch John Rossi, CDIC Policy and Research Advisor, as he explains deposit coverage requirements, with a focus on coverage rules for brokered deposits.

To download the PDF of this presentation, click here.

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The presentation and discussion do not replace legal advice that member institutions, brokerage firms and financial advisors should seek in the course of carrying out business, or before making any decision or taking any action. CDIC does not provide legal advice to third parties and does not issue rulings on the interpretation or application of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act or CDIC’s By-laws, as these are legal matters for which only courts can provide decisive answers.