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  1. James Langton
    A group of minority shareholders believe there are “coercive elements” to the deal, namely that Sirius XM Canada has suspended its dividend and that the firm’s valuation is flawed
  2. James Langton
    Hubs from 20 countries, including Canada, are members
  3. James Langton
    The credit unions, Desjardins Group and four of the Big Five banks were in a statistical dead heat for financial planning and advice in Ipsos’ annual survey
  4. IE Staff
    $20,000 Bridgehouse Scholarship Program winners announced
  5. IE Staff
    Investing in superior client experience, increasingly using digital technology, could help firms retain and add clients, EY report suggests
  6. James Langton
    Three global banks agree to pay more than $15 million in settlement
  7. Tessie Sanci
    RBC’s highest share of the domestic SME market is down from 2000, whereas Scotiabank, which is a close second, saw its market share rise dramatically in that time
  8. Canadian Press
    Visible and hidden taxes would have been equal to 42.4% of the cash income for an average family in 2015, study concludes
  9. Tessie Sanci
    More than 70% of advisors who wrote exams in various stages of the process to become a certified financial planner passed in June
  10. Tessie Sanci
    As well, discussing fee structures with clients leads to a dramatic jump in the percentage of investors who feel they understand what they are being charged