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  1. James Langton
    The SRO has laid out its priorities for 2017 in a notice published on Thursday
  2. James Langton
    Firms can make the business more appealing to women by altering their compensation models for rookie advisors, Cerulli report finds
  3. Fiona Collie
    Some of these investors believe robo-advisors do a better job than an advisor in picking stocks to meet risk tolerance and selecting investments for retirement plans
  4. Tessie Sanci
    Canada’s financial capital also has great potential to rise in the standings because it’s home to many incubators, accelerators and educational institutions
  5. James Langton
    But PMAC stands behind the CSA’s concerns with these compensation arrangements and says regulators are “taking a bold step forward”
  6. James Langton
    Accenture survey finds “most Canadian companies do not have effective technology in place to monitor for cyberattacks”
  7. IE Staff
    Helping advisors find opportunities for accredited continuing education
  8. James Langton
    These advisors are also not concerned about regulatory changes, such as the new conflict of interest rule, and rising competition from robo-advisors
  9. Dan Healing
    Insured damage for 2016 topped $4.9 billion
  10. Tessie Sanci
    Cutting operating costs and adapting technology to compete effectively and compensate for lack of scale are also key traits of successful firms, says Ian Russell in a speech