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  1. George Hartman
    Taking the lead in your branch means you have responsibilities that extend well beyond your personal activities and you are vulnerable should things go wrong. Start by questioning everything that currently holds your branch together
  2. Catherine Harris
    Although Sarah and Bob, both 28 years old, earn a good living, they have significant debts as a result of Bob's overspending ways. Nevertheless, two advisors say the couple could meet their short- and long-term financial goals by using discipline
  3. Megan Harman
    As insurance advisors face increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements, keeping accurate client files has become crucial in demonstrating your compliance should a client complain
  4. Danny Bradbury
    The right calendar system can maximize the output of your meetings while minimizing administrative overhead. Your choices are broad - from popular Google and Microsoft offerings to versatile tools such as UpTo
  5. Rosemary McCracken
    Mark Hudon uses the lessons he has learned as an Ironman triathlete to help his clients reach their goals. Training for a triathlon and following a financial plan both require preparation, persistence and discipline
  6. George Hartman
  7. Danny Bradbury
    When hackers pinched and published celebrities' embarrassing pictures, the scandal raised questions about the security of information stored on the cloud. What can you do to keep your clients' private information as safe as possible?
  8. Danny Bradbury
    Technology vendors want you to use a single supplier for all your devices and systems. Sticking to one brand may seem limiting, but the functionality can be hard to resist
  9. Wendy Cuthbert
  10. Dan Richards
    When selecting a new advisor, many sophisticated clients base their decision on reputation. You can take steps to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field