Macroeconomic and financial market research veterans Chen Zhao, Tony Boeckh and David Abramson have partnered to launch Alpine Macro, a Montreal-based independent research firm.

The new firm will offer economic and market analysis and investment strategy recommendations, Alpine Macro says in its announcement published on Wednesday.

The three analysts were formerly with BCA Research Group of Montreal.

Chen, former chief global strategist with BCA and more recently co-director of global macro research with Philadelphia-based Brandywine Global Investment Management, Boeckh, former chairman and editor-in-chief of BCA, and Abramson, former chief U.S. strategist with BCA, will focus on providing differentiated market insights, contrarian views and profitable investment strategy recommendations that help investors manage risk and make better informed investment and asset allocation decisions.

Chen’s role at Alpine Macro is chief strategist, Boeckh is CEO and editor-in-chief, and Abramson is senior strategist.

“Our goal is to provide exceptional research and well-articulated rationale for all of our recommendations,” says Chen, in a statement.

“Our aim is to help investors cut through the noise and provide them with macro insights and analysis that helps to shape and guide their investment process,” adds Abramson. “Combined with our proprietary indicators and models, our objective is to provide consistent, sound analysis, context and perspective on global financial markets.”