MFDA wants to regulate “financial planner” title

May 2 is the final deadline to register for the CFP examination and the FPSC Level 1 examination in financial planning, Toronto-based Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) announced on Tuesday.

The two exams, which are required on the path to certified financial planner (CFP) certification, will take place in approximately 40 cities across Canada on Friday, June 2,

To be eligible to write the FPSC level 1 examination, candidates must have completed an FPSC-approved core curriculum program.

To be eligible for the CFP exam, candidates must have obtained FPSC level 1 certification in financial planning and have completed an FPSC-approved capstone course.

After completing these education and examination requirements, as well as three years of qualifying financial planning work experience, candidates can apply for CFP certification.

There are currently approximately 17,000 CFP professionals and 2,000 FPSC level 1 certificants across Canada.

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