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Jacques Lussier, chief investment officer of Montreal-based IPSOL Capital, has been awarded the CFA Institute’s C. Stewart Sheppard Award for his “outstanding contribution to CFA Institute education programs,” the investment management firm announced Thursday.

Lussier, who is the honorary president of CFA Montreal, has written a number of well-regarded books on professional investing and also created financial literacy resources for retail clients.

Jacques Lussier, CIO, IPSOL Capital
Jacques Lussier / IPSOL Capital

The award acknowledges Lussier’s “desire to share his knowledge, increase the financial literacy of investors and advance expertise in asset management,” IPSOL says in a statement. This year, more than 35,500 professionals studied his text Active Equity Investing: Portfolio Construction, cowritten with Marc Reinganum and distributed to all CFA Level-3 candidates. The text is a core component of the program’s curriculum.

Lussier is the author of 31 short papers for advisors and non-professional investors called “Investment principals and financial planning.” These short factsheets, published in partnership with CFA Montreal and CFA Institute, were made available nationwide by La Presse +, Finance et Investissement (a sister publication of Investment Executive) and the Government of Canada.

Lussier is the author of Successful Investing is a Process  and co-author of Rational Investing, both of which are held in high esteem by the industry, IPSOL says.

“Jacques is an important player in the acquisition of collective knowledge and the constant advancement of investment professionals’ skills,” Sylvain Roy, chief executive officer of IPSOL Capital, says in a statement. “It is a privilege to be able to work with him on a daily basis and to share his expertise with our clients.”