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NEO Connect, the mutual fund distribution platform of Aequitas Innovations Inc., is integrating its platform with the wealth management software offered by Toronto-based Univeris Corp.

NEO Connect and Univeris have formed a partnership that will give mutual fund advisors access to prospectus mutual funds and funds sold under offering memorandum that are distributed on NEO Connect.

Univeris will integrate NEO Connect into its wealth management software used by 15,800 Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA) advisors.

NEO Connect, was launched in 2016. Until now, access to the platform has been limited to investment dealers.

It’s expected that mutual fund dealer clients of Univeris will have access to the platform in the fourth quarter.

“This expansion to the MFDA member community opens up access to a significant amount of investible assets under administration to consider investment opportunities in NEO Connect distributed funds,” the firms says in a news release.

“By integrating NEO Connect with the Univeris wealth management software, MFDA advisors will now also be able to benefit from all the advantages that come with prospectus mutual funds and private funds distributed on NEO Connect. This a win for the advisors, a win for their dealers and, ultimately, a win for their investing clients,” says Jos Schmitt, president and CEO of NEO, in a statement.