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New finance is ‘a platform of growth,’ portfolio manager says

Areas such as digital payments, and cryptocurrency and blockchain are increasingly making a mark

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Statistics Canada says retail sales rose 2.1% in August

Data estimates suggest, however, that sales may have fallen back in September

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Weak data drives Q3 forecast down: Scotia

Choppy data may prompt caution from the Bank of Canada

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Powell says inflation risks rising, but Fed can be ‘patient’

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell expects that inflation will remain elevated well into next year

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Supply issues persist, but other commodity supports fading: Fitch

Supply issues plus several other global macro factors have contributed to commodity strength

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Workers who resist vaccine mandates may not be eligible for EI: feds

Employment and Social Development Canada has issued a notice to employers enforcing vaccine mandates

CI Financial buys US$3.4-billion McCutchen Group

The Seattle-based RIA is CI's first office in the Pacific Northwest

  • By: IE Staff
  • October 21, 2021 October 21, 2021
  • 11:10
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U.S. budget deficit hits $2.77 trillion in 2021

The figure is the second-highest on record but an improvement over 2020

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With hours before deadline, Liberals reshape pandemic aid to businesses, workers

Support will target still-hurting sectors of the economy

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China’s economic rebalancing is a risky high-wire act

Policy-makers must walk a fine line in curbing excesses without sinking growth


Ontario Teachers’ dips a toe into crypto

The pension fund takes a stake in crypto exchange FTX

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Fed imposes sweeping new limits on policy-makers’ investments

The rules include a ban on holding stocks and bonds

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IIROC advisors can earn 10 compliance credits with CE Corner

Newcom Media expands continuing education site for financial professionals

  • By: IE Staff
  • October 15, 2021 October 15, 2021
  • 12:10
OSC Dialogue 2017 to feature FCA, SEC executives

IE’s Calendar of Industry Events

Helping advisors find opportunities for accredited continuing education

  • By: IE Staff
  • April 27, 2020 September 28, 2021
  • 09:00
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How to manage ethical dilemmas

An expert panel urged advisors to strictly adhere to a code of ethics

Succession planning tips from advisors

The succession planning process can be difficult, so plan ahead as much as possible

Stop putting off succession planning

An industry expert urged advisors to step up their game during IAFP's 2021 symposium

  • By: Katie Keir
  • September 24, 2021 September 24, 2021
  • 15:29

Making financial advice a family matter

Elke Rubach was a successful lawyer when she discovered her passion for helping people understand finances