For 40 years, the Multi Luminaire banner has made a name for itself in Quebec thanks to its expertise in lighting, its extensive product catalogue, and its highly competitive prices. Today, Multi Luminaire is setting out to conquer the English-speaking market by creating Multi Lighting, a brand that aims to become the standard in lighting products for English-speaking consumers.

A local brand, from coast to coast

In a country with two official languages, it’s a common issue: a company with national goals cannot ignore the fact that consumers, whether anglophone or francophone, will always feel more strongly connected to a brand that “speaks” their language.

“We recognize that,” says Mathieu Bujold, Vice President, Technologies and Innovations, at Multi Luminaire. “We’ve had an English version of our website for a long time, but always under the name ‘Multi Luminaire.’ Obviously, English-speaking consumers living in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver were a bit confused by our very French name. We’re betting that the name ‘Multi Lighting’ will put the brand more in tune with the target market.”

Multi Luminaire has 11 stores, including two in Ottawa, and enhances its in-store offering with a wide range of online products. “For the English-speaking market in the rest of Canada,” says Mathieu Bujold, “we really rely on online business. Consumers are more and more inclined to shop online.”

Multi Lighting: The future is online

“We’ve had the expertise in Quebec for many years,” says Mathieu Bujold. “Now we want to draw inspiration from the best practices we’ve put in place and adapt them to our online platform.”


To improve the customer experience online, the Multi Lighting site has a personalized consulting service via live chat. Specialists at the other end of the keyboard guide online shoppers to the best products. “Our online customer service team consists of company employees who have all worked in our physical stores,” says Bujold. “So they really know what they’re talking about.”

To ensure a strong online presence, Multi Lighting is also active on social media and shares a wealth of advice with consumers on topics that go far beyond lighting issues.

“The Inspirations page on our website is really popular,” says Mathieu Bujold. “People go there for ideas to improve their homes. We also have a Tips and Tricks section that covers everything from how to choose the right light for your dining room to designing a patio! We believe all this useful content, which is exclusive to Multi Lighting, encourages consumers to come to us when they’re ready to bring their ideas to life.”

The Multi Lighting advantage

Canadian consumers looking for lighting solutions adapted to their needs will therefore find both ideas and a wide selection of products at competitive prices on the Multi Lighting website. “In Canada, our banner offers the widest range of lighting products—we have 30,000 in our catalogue,” says Mathieu Bujold. “We work extremely hard with our suppliers to offer our customers very competitive prices. For example, we always have over 2,000 products on sale.”

So whether they’re looking for indoor or outdoor fixtures, modern, industrial or classic style lamps, light bulbs, ceiling lights, cabinet fixtures, or decorative items, Canadians now have just one name to remember: Multi Lighting.