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The provincial government’s November announcement that it will not match the feds’ taxation of private corporations may result in big tax savings for small companies

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Canadian firms could face onerous withholding and backup reporting requirements

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Agency can’t explain inconsistencies

map of canada where ontario province is pulled out

The Progressive Conservatives are halting or reversing some of the previous government’s tax changes

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The new federal rules kick in for the 2019 taxation year

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Solid economic growth and the recently negotiated U.S./Mexico/Canada Agreement for trade are points of strength, but the large deficit doesn't give Ottawa much room to address the widening cross-border tax gap

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Recent changes to the way that active business income earned within a private corporation is taxed may affect some of your high net-worth clients

Beginning in 2021, most family trusts will be required to file tax returns with the CRA even if those trusts don't earn income or make distributions. The CRA also is seeking more information about settlors, trustees and beneficiaries

With various provincial elections slated for next year and uncertainty surrounding the introduction of a federal carbon tax, there were not many tax changes implemented by the provinces this year. B.C. was a notable outlier

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CPA Canada report highlights governments’ disproportionate reliance on income taxes