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Working with a partner can help you grow your business while making sure your clients get the best service available throughout the year

Three tips for dissolving an advisory partnership

You should invest time getting to know your potential partner before entering into a business arrangement

Many advisors are considering a merger or partnership as a way to strengthen their business and create a succession plan. Joining forces with another advisor has its advantages - if you follow a process and do your due diligence

Ruling has implications for financial firms structured as partnerships

When an associate expresses an interest in becoming a partner in your practice, avoid becoming too generous with the equity of your business. Consider the qualities of the candidate and the needs of your firm

How to add value to your business by partnering with another advisor

No matter how simpatico you may feel about your partnership with another advisor, it’s crucial to plan for the possibility that your relationship will encounter rough waters if and when you decide to part. Reduce the friction by planning ahead

Working with a partner means choosing a team structure