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High angle view of mallet eyeglasses legal book in courtroom

Lawyers may cost money, but they can help you be prepared to protect your licence, livelihood and reputation when speaking with regulators

Preparing for an interview with compliance, a regulator or client’s counsel is key because your licence, reputation and livelihood are all at stake

Use the lessons of the past to avoid professional liability in the future

Two-way communication with regulators requires transparency

Ellen Bessner, a litigation partner at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, describes her experience with regulators when defending her clients. She says regulators ought to be more transparent with enforcement notices and share information with the advisors, dealers and issuers under investigation. She spoke with Gavin Adamson at the TMX Broadcast Centre in Toronto.

Companies need to educate employees about the legal and security risks of offensive comments on social media and blogs

Long-awaited Kerry decision affirms rights of companies to revise pension plans

Starting a financial advisory office means leasing office space, becoming an employer and managing tax issues