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Two ETFs terminated on June 11

The annual management fee for BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF will be reduced to 0.08%

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If reporting included liability, clients wouldn’t care what the S&P 500 was doing last year or last quarter

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The ETF sector on the exchange has reached a record high of $150 billion in assets under management

Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, On

The four portfolios each invest in one or more underlying ETFs

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New names for more than 20 PowerShares ETFs take effect July 27

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New series gives investors more options

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But the ETF industry should tread carefully to ensure these products don’t become too complex as their simplicity and transparency has been key reasons for their success

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New fund follows the performance of 21 of the largest U.S. dividend paying bank stocks

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The new additions will provide investors with the essential building blocks for the fixed-income component of a portfolio