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Bridgehouse introduces Morningstar Managed Investments Program

CRM2 has led to more questions from clients about MERs, so IFIC members would like to see this disclosed as part of an initiative the group calls CRM3

IFIC campaign encourages investors to open their statements

In a new video, Jane Rooney talks to Canadians about the new CRM2 reports they are receiving and the benefits of reviewing them

  • By: IE Staff
  • March 2, 2017 March 2, 2017
  • 15:40

In the post-CRM2 era, clients and regulators are demanding transparency from advisors. Your best response is to turn this obligation into an opportunity to show your clients what you do for them

IE’s Regulatory Reporter: April 2017

InvestmentReporting.ca aims to help investors understand the changes mandated as part of CRM2 in their new annual reports

Advice needed on retirement income strategies, report finds

Clients will have questions as a result of the new disclosure requirements. Be open and honest, and focus on their goals

IAP calls on regulators to eliminate embedded compensation

The first phase of a three-part research project on the impact of CRM2 finds that many don’t know how advisors are paid or the types of fees they pay

Explain why some mutual funds, such as emerging markets, funds incur higher expenses than others

The SRO has granted exemptions to 24 firms for which the annual cost and performance reporting requirements are redundant or unnecessary

MFDA releases guide to new CRM2 reports for investors

The guide uses plain language to explain products, performance and cost

How to help clients with unstable incomes

IIAC has a new series to help with client conversations