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Compliance Rules Law Regulation Policy Business Technology concept.

Dissatisfied investors may confront advisors due to poor performance

client complaints tablet

When volatility rises and asset prices fall, client complaints climb

The agency reported an increase in consumer complaints as markets were roiled by Covid-19

Compliance Rules Law Regulation Policy Business Technology concept.

FCA pushes firms to maintain complaint resolution standards

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Suitability remains investors’ top complaint, OBSI says

SRO sets out "technology-neutral" stance to record retention

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New report says expungements are being granted "as a matter of course"

Complaints were 19% above average levels for the past eight quarters

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Major reforms to the dispute resolution service’s mandate require action from regulators

client complaints tablet

How you and your team respond to complaints can determine whether clients feel that they're getting the attention they deserve. A 10-step checklist can ensure client issues are resolved to satisfaction