Toronto-based RBC Global Asset Management Inc. (RBCGAM) has launched a fund focused on socially responsible investing

RBC Vision Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Fund invests in equities from around the world, but avoids companies that are directly involved in extracting, processing or transporting coal, oil or natural gas. The fund also utilizes an exclusion list based on The Carbon Underground 200, which ranks the top publicly traded coal, oil and gas companies based on the potential carbon emissions of their reserves. The fund is part of RBC’s suite of Vision Funds and is managed by RBCGAM’s global equities team in London, England. Advisor commissions are 0%-5% for front-end sales or 1% for the low-load option. Redemption fees begin at 2% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 2 of the low-load schedule. Trailing commissions are 1% for both sales options. Management fees are 1.75% for advisor-class units and 0.75% for F-class units. Minimum investment is $500.


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