Toronto-based RBC Global Asset Management Inc. has launched five ETFs. Four of the ETFs have a fixed-income focus and are co-managed by Phillips Hager & North Investment Management Ltd. and BlueBay Asset Management LLP. These fixed-income ETFs are: RBC PH&N Short Term Canadian Bond ETF, which invests primarily in short- duration Canadian government and corporate bonds, as well as Canadian bonds issued by foreign corporations; RBC 6- to 10-Year Laddered Canadian Corporate Bond Ladder ETF, which follows a rules-based, actively managed portfolio of Canadian bonds with a term to maturity ranging from six to 10 years, but also offers staggered maturities with the aim of reducing interest rate risk; RBC Short-Term U.S. Corporate Bond ETF, which invests primarily in short-duration U.S. corporate bonds; and RBC BlueBay Global Diversified Income ETF, which invests in a diversified global portfolio that’s designed to maximize yield for a particular credit risk level by targeting bonds with attractive yield/quality characteristics. The fifth ETF, RBC Canadian Bank Yield Index ETF, holds a portfolio of stocks issued by the six largest Canadian banks. Management fees for these ETFs range from 0.29% to 0.6%.


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