New York City-based Nasdaq, Inc. on Tuesday launched a new analytics platform that aims to provide brokers and investors with novel market intelligence.

The platform will provide investors and brokers with investment signals that are derived from proprietary datasets, the Nasdaq announcement says. Currently, the platform analyzes social media sentiment, central bank communications, retail sentiment, technical factors, and event based signals.

“The Nasdaq Analytics Hub reflects our partner-based approach of collaborating with key start-ups — like Lucena Research — to apply machine intelligence on proprietary and third-party data sets to create new signals that investors may not have been able to access on their own,” says Terry Wade, senior vice president and head of business development and product of global information services, Nasdaq, in a statement.

“We’ve implemented a rigorous process whereby we use machine intelligence to normalize, validate and back-test the data to ensure the resulting outputs translate into multiple real-life investment use cases,” Wade adds.

The data sets available in the Nasdaq Analytics Hub are derived from Nasdaq’s own data alongside outside data sets, including polls millions of retail investors, social media content, central bank communications. Nasdaq says it intends to continue to add new data sets and sources, as well as new analytic capabilities to the platform.