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Toronto-based Purpose Investments Inc. has launched two new series of Purpose Premium Yield Fund to give investors more ways to access the alternative strategy fund, the asset management company announced Wednesday.

In addition to the original currency-hedged series of the Fund (TSX: PYF), Purpose is now offering a non-currency hedged series (TSX: PYF.B) and a U.S. dollar series (TSX: PYF.U).

Purpose has completed the initial public offering of non-currency hedged series and a U.S. dollar series, which began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange today. All of the series of the fund are also available in mutual fund versions.

“Purpose Premium Yield Fund is a powerful income-generating tool to help investors build resilient portfolios. The actively managed options strategy can serve a variety of functions in a portfolio, including as an alternative to fixed income and as a complementary piece an equity allocation to enhance diversification,” says Som Seif, CEO of Purpose Investments, in a statement.

The fund offers low correlation to traditional equity and bond markets while providing investors a tax-efficient yield generated through volatility premiums. It features a low management fee of 0.60%.