Special Report on Taxes, November 2019

A new global equities fund from Toronto-based Mackenzie Investments aims to maximize returns through a variety of tax management strategies.

The Mackenzie Tax-Managed Global Equity Fund, launched on Wednesday, seeks to provide long-term, tax-effective rates of return by investing in global companies of any size.

The new fund, available for non-registered investment accounts, will “help investors keep more of what they earn” through a variety of tax-management strategies, according to a release.

Those strategies include giving preference to companies with lower relative yield weighed against risk-adjusted return potential, and favouring long-term investments over short-term opportunities.

The fund will be co-managed by Mackenzie portfolio managers Ome Saidi and Katherine Owen to reduce distributions and employ tax-loss harvesting strategies.

“By incorporating tax management strategies into the investment process, Mackenzie Tax-Managed Global Equity Fund aims to help investors keep more of their money compounding in the markets and minimize the tax drag on their investment performance,” Kristi Ashcroft, head of product, Mackenzie Investments, said in a statement.

The new product aims to deliver a style-agnostic, diversified portfolio of high-quality global companies at or near the top of the value chain in their respective industries, the release said.

The fund is available in A, D, F, FB, PW and PWFB series. Management fees range from 0.8%–2%.