Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. has added two new mutual funds and one ETF to its shelf focused on providing investors with income in the current climate of ultra-low interest rates, according to the firm’s statement.

“These new products provide investors with additional solutions to achieve higher yields and income generation,” says Barry McInerney, Mackenzie’s president and CEO, in a statement. “This is an important time for investors to re-examine their investment strategies and consider the potential benefits of adding other income-generating assets such as dividend stocks, preferred shares, high-yields bonds and floating-rate loans.”

Mackenzie US Strategic Income Fund, which invests mainly in U.S. dividend-paying equities and a mix of fixed-income securities. This new mutual will follow the same approach as two of the firm’s pre-existing products, Mackenzie Strategic Income Fund and Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund.

Mackenzie Global Credit Opportunities Fund, which is designed to produce a “high level of income and long-term capital growth potential,” has the ability to invest in investment-grade and non-investment-grade corporate and government bonds, the firm’s statement says. Credit research will be applied to this fund’s strategy in identifying securities to invest in.

Meanwhile, management of Mackenzie Global High Yield Fixed Income ETF — the firm’s fifth ETF, so far — will be guided by a “credit analysis and ongoing assessment of relative and absolute valuations to help uncover the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities within the high yield asset class.”

Mackenzie’s new ETF began trading on the Aequitas NEO Exchange on Wednesday.