Toronto-based Invesco Canada Ltd. announced on Monday that it will merge two of its mutaul funds later this week.

Effective July 28, Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Fund will merge with Invesco Global Bond Fund. The merger, which was initially announced in May, received unitholder approval at a special meeting held in Toronto on July 24.

Almost all of the assets held in the emerging-markets fund will be merged into corresponding series of the global bond fund. The exception will be assets held in Series D and PTFU as Invesco Global Bond Fund does not offer those options to investors.

Prior to the merger, investors with assets in Series D or PTFU of Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Fund have the option to switch to another series or to redeem their holdings.

If investors take no action prior to July 28, assets held in Invesco-administered non-registered accounts will be liquidated and sent to investors via cheque while assets held in registered accounts will be moved to Invesco Canada Money Market Fund.

If assets invested in Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Fund’s Series D and PTFU options are held in a non-Invesco-administered account, then the liquidated assets will be sent directly to the nominee/intermediary on record.