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Toronto-based iA Clarington Investments Inc. has launched an active ETF series for the iA Clarington Loomis Global Multisector Bond Fund. 

The fund, which primarily invests in investment-grade and non-investment-grade fixed-income securities around the globe, is sub-advised by Boston-based Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. 

The new series of the fund began trading on the TSX on Wednesday. The fee structure is the same as Series F, the fund’s fee-based series, with a management fee of 0.70%. 

“The [fund] provides high-conviction, active exposure to a broad range of asset class and regional opportunities,” said Adam Elliott, CEO, president and national sales manager at iA Clarington.

Other funds available through the active ETF series include the iA Clarington Strategic Income Fund, iA Clarington Loomis Global Allocation Fund, iA Clarington Core Plus Bond Fund and iA Clarington Floating Rate Income Fund.

The management fees for the active ETF series range from 0.50% to 0.85%.