CI to introduce automatic preferred-pricing programs

Toronto-based CI Investments Inc. unveiled plans on Tuesday to launch two new automatic preferred-pricing programs.

Discounts under CI Preferred Pricing and CI Private Wealth are expected to take effect in May, once disclosure documents have been received and processed.

“We want to ensure that clients automatically receive preferred pricing upon reaching certain thresholds,” says Roy Ratnavel, senior vice president of CI, in a statement. “It’s a simple concept — the more assets that clients invest with CI, the larger the price discount that’s applied.”

The programs will reduce the management and administrative fees for CI’s main mutual fund offerings in Class A, Class F and Class P as well as for Evolution Private Management Accounts, United Funds’ Class E and Class F, which will be renamed Class OF.

Under CI’s fee structure, investors with a minimum threshold of $150,000 per account and “extended family groups” with a combined asset level of $250,000 are deemed eligible for price discounts.

CI also announced that as of early autumn, new investors will no longer have access to Class E, EF and O units and shares of CI Funds.

Photo copyright: phloxii/123RF