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Assante Wealth Management has launched its charitable giving program, which allows clients to incorporate philanthropic giving into their overall wealth plan, the Toronto-based company announced on Monday.

“Providing complete financial advice is a long-standing promise we’ve made to our clients, ensuring they receive the guidance they need to achieve financial success,” said Bob Dorrell, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Assante. “Assante has provided philanthropic support to clients over the years, but with the launch of a formalized program, we’re taking things one step further and helping clients connect their wealth to their values, families, communities and more.”

The program offers investors donor-advised funds (DAF) to support the causes that are important to them. DAF are charitable giving vehicles tailored to reflect a donor’s philanthropic goals and values.

Investors work with their Assante advisor to invest the funds within the DAF, and indicate where to make charitable gifts on their behalf. DAFs provide the client with virtually the same benefits as creating a private foundation, but at a substantially lower cost and with none of the administrative burdens.

The program makes use of Benefaction, which is a registered charitable public foundation. The program is integrated into a client’s overall wealth plan, managed by their Assante advisor.