As part of its efforts to improve service for female clients, UBS Wealth Management announced the creation of an advisory board on Tuesday.

The board, which includes philanthropists, entrepreneurs and investors, will work with the firm’s senior wealth management executives to help scale up its initiative, engage in advocacy, assess the program’s progress and help identify new opportunities to enhance the financial confidence of women.

“The amount of private wealth controlled by women is set to grow faster than men’s year-on-year for the next five years. This changing dynamic requires the industry to change with it,” says Mara Harvey, managing director UBS Wealth Management and head of the program, in a statement.

“The advisory board will play a pivotal role in helping us shape the future of our business; one that supports women in all their investment needs,” she adds. “We want to provide women with the knowledge and confidence to make the best financial decisions for them and to achieve the social impact they want.”

“Growing the pool of women investors and the reach of gender lens investments can be a transformative move for women empowerment and gender equality worldwide, an ambition at the core of the UN goals,” adds Joelle Tanguy, director of UN WOMEN’s Strategic Partnerships division, in a statement.