Manulife partners with ExamOne for new Vitality program

MD Financial and its parent company, the Bank of Nova Scotia, have entered into a five-year collaboration with the Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC).

The FMWC is a national organization focused on the professional, social and personal advancement of women physicians. MD Financial first partnered with FMWC in 2015, and Scotiabank acquired MD Financial in 2018.

“Our unique position to support the federation’s mission will help bring opportunities for personal and professional development for women in medicine, promoting their well-being and, beyond them, the well-being of all Canadians,” said Daniel Labonté, MD Financial’s president and CEO, in a release.

Through the renewed partnership, MD Financial and Scotiabank “will sponsor FMWC events and initiatives and provide travel and medical student awards to build networking opportunities between women physicians at local and national levels,” the release said.