The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) issued a warning to consumers on Wednesday that its name is being used as part of a phishing effort.

Fraudsters have been sending emails purporting to be from the CBA and asking prospective victims to fill out an online survey about their banking relationships. The CBA is not the source of the message and that “it is a phishing email from fraudsters,” the warning says.

The CBA notes it does not send out unsolicited emails and it recommends that recipients of the email delete it immediately, and don’t click on the hyperlink.

“Email fraud, or ‘phishing’, is an attempt by criminals to get you to volunteer your personal information or to install malware on your computer. Phishing emails usually have spelling and grammatical errors, as well as generic greetings like “Good day” or “Dear valued customer”, the warning says.

“Fraudulent emails also often ask you to provide personal information and usually always have a sense of urgency, or warning if you don’t follow through. If you get a fraudulent email, make sure to report it and delete it straight away,” the warning adds.