The Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) is reminding financial professionals and consumers that it will be hosting awareness activities during Financial Planning Week, which takes place across Canada next week, to provide information and tools to inspire Canadians to take action on their finances.

Now in its eighth year, and an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, Financial Planning Week is part of an ongoing effort to promote financial well-being for all Canadians.

“Financial Planning Week is the perfect time for Canadians to take stock of their current financial situation and realize that taking action now can mean a brighter financial future,” says Kelley Keehn, FPSC consumer advocate, in a statement.

“We encourage Canadians to ‘take the next step’ by getting the help they need to get on the path to financial well-being, which is in everyone’s reach with the help of a certified financial planner (CFP) professional,” she adds

The FPSC has undertaken several initiatives that aim to help the financial services sector and consumers alike make the most of the week.

Specifically, the organization has released a series of short videos to help consumers learn more about the benefits of financial planning and the importance of working with a qualified planner. The videos are available on the FPSC’s recently launched consumer-facing site,

The FPSC will be posting event updates and financial planning information and resources on its Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts during Financial Planning Week. As such, the organization invites financial planners to join the conversation using the hashtags #TakeTheNextStep, #FindYourPlanner and #CFPexcellence to share stories of how they or their clients took the next step on their own path to financial confidence.

There are also opportunities for more than a thousand CFP professionals and members of the financial services industry from across the country to attend a variety of events in both Toronto and Vancouver during the week. More information can be found at

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