Piggy bank with national flag of Canada

A working group has been created to support the financial literacy needs of Indigenous Peoples, including First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) announced on Tuesday.

The group will be co-chaired by Jane Rooney, financial literacy leader at FCAC, and Simon Brascoup of AFOA Canada (formerly the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada). The group will report to the national steering committee.

Research conducted by AFOA Canada regarding Indigenous Peoples living on reserve and the results of the Canadian Financial Capability Survey, which includes individuals who self-identify as Indigenous Peoples living off-reserve, reveals that Indigenous Peoples are facing unique barriers to achieving financial well-being. These barriers need to be addressed throughout the process of financial literacy intervention, FCAC says in a news release.

The working group will collaborate on developing new programs and initiatives, and identify research priorities. It will also undertake financial literacy initiatives that are community driven, created for and with Indigenous Peoples.

“It is important for all Canadians to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate a rapidly changing financial marketplace,” says Lucie Tedesco, commissioner of (FCAC), in a statement. “I anticipate tremendous cooperation and partnership as this working group lays a foundation for improving the financial well-being of Indigenous Peoples.”

Members of the Indigenous Financial Literacy Working Group are:

  • Simon Brascoupé, VP, education and training, AFOA Canada
  • Marcie Chase, director of finance, National Association of Friendship Centres
  • Gilbert Dion, manager, business development services, SEED Winnipeg
  • Lynne Groulx, executive director, Native Women’s Association of Canada
  • Darren Hill, president and CEO, Junior Achievement Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Carlana Lindeman, education program director, Martin Family Initiative
  • Natasha McKenna, program officer, Prosper Canada
  • Mack Rogers, executive director, ABC Life Literacy
  • Tayla Rotem, program director, SmartSAVER
  • Kelly Stone, president and CEO, Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)
  • Doretta Thompson, director, corporate citizenship, CPA Canada
  • Brent Tookenay, CEO, Seven Generations Education Institute
  • Dr. Paulette Tremblay, CEO, Assembly of First Nations
  • Suzanne Trottier, Director, capacity development and intervention, First Nations Financial Management Board