The Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada (EMDA) Thursday announced the launch of a new continuing education series.

The 2012 EMDA CFO Education Series: Regulatory Financial Reporting Certificate Program will take place in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto in November 2012.

The new program is tailored to the exempt market industry and presented by EMDA founding sponsor MNP Corporate Finance Inc. in cooperation with MNP LLP.

The program is specifically designed for CFOs and others performing regulatory and financial functions for EMDs, issuers and those who are dealing representatives or financial, auditors, compliance and legal professionals participating in the exempt market across Canada.

The sessions will include an overview of the exempt market securities industry, EMD books and records requirements, financial and regulatory requirements, overview of excess working capital requirements and calculations, EMD IFRS specific financial reporting topics, such as deferred income taxes, broker warrants and corporate finance revenue recognition, financial instruments and related party accounting and disclosures.

“As Canada’s only national voice for the exempt market, we are pleased to launch the EMDA CFO Education Series that will offer much needed continuing education for all exempt market participants,” says Brian Koscak, EMDA chairman notes,

“We believe that high standards of professional conduct and high quality continuing education are critical elements in the success of the exempt market,” he adds.

More information is available on the EMDA website: